This week has been a bit mental. It’s seen the arrival of a new housemate (hi, Bekki!), my first shift at a nightclub (hi, Watersplash!) and the news that I’m starting a 10-week digital marketing course, starting Monday (hi, Digital Jersey!). All that, teamed with a couple of surf lessons and planning out my vegetable patch for next spring – it’s been a busy ol’ week.

Home: Christmas candle

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Don’t you dare tell me it’s too early to get involved in Christmas. I walked into my favourite garden centre last week (where else would you find me), and I was greeted to loads of staff getting all the shelves ready and in place for all the Christmas decs. Even though I was on my own, I still did a little gasp and you can bet your bottom dollar a *IT’S HERE!!!!* squeal came out.

You’re welcome, everyone.

Now it would have been just plain rude to the Christmas gods if I’d have come out of there empty handed, so I put this little bad boy in my basket and off I trotted home, safe in the knowledge that my lounge was soon going to be filled with the sweet, musky scents of Christmas – and this doesn’t disappoint.

This particular one is from Colony, and is in the ‘Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh’ scent. When I told someone at work about my beloved purchase, all I got was a confused look and a ‘but what on earth does gold smell like?!’ I couldn’t quite answer that, and even now I’m still not entirely sure, but if it’s good enough for Baby Jesus to have been given, then it’s damn well good enough to make my lounge smell of it.

It’s sweet, but not sickly, and it’s woody without it smelling like a man’s aftershave. I bought the mahoosive jar, the 545g one to be exact, and apparently it’s got around 150 hours of burn time which means I can light it whenever I want to without feeling guilty that I am literally burning money away.

You can grab a gift set with some other festive smelling flavours, here.

Travel: Liverpool next weekend

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Ah, Liverpool. You old beaut, you.

I’m half scouse, which means that I get all the best parts; I have a penchant for a dead good eyebrow, but I don’t feel the need to wander around Tesco at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon with curlers in my hair and my jammies on (if you know, you know).

So, I’ve booked some flights to go see my paternal motherland to go see my nana, have a good ol’ shopping session around Primark (‘perks’ of living on a tiny lil island in the middle of nowhere is that shopping in mainland high street stores feels special), and stuff myself silly with some hearty home cooked food.

I’m only there for a couple of days, but if you have any recommendations for somewhere we need to go, let ya gal know!

Beauty: OUAI Wave Spray

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I bought into yet another blogger hype – I bought the OUAI Haircare Wave Spray – and after I say what I’m about to say, please don’t go unfollowing me on all forms of social media.

I really don’t like it.

Let me explain why. I have the thickest hair known to man, and every *single* hairdresser I’ve ever gone to has exclaimed ‘aw jeez, you’ve got so much hair!!11!!!’ to me while they’re tugging desperately at all the knots with a tiny comb (like that’s going to do much good – camman man). I’ve even had one hairdresser sigh with exasperation as she’s 30 minutes deep into blow-drying my hair and she’s only done a third of it.

I just don’t think my hair type is suited to this at all, as it makes it even fluffier and frizzier than I want it to be. I know that’s what a wave spray is meant to do – to give volume, bounce and those oh-so-effortless waves – but if I’m honest, I get a better result if I just whack an oil and a heat protective cream in my barnet.

It made my hair incredibly sticky and crisp, to the point where it made it difficult to brush out, and it dried out and knotted my hair like nobody’s business.

It also smelt like an off Chanel perfume.

I mean, there’s every possibility that I’ve got a dud one, but it’s frustrating when I see all these influencers on Instagram using it and looking like they’re on Baywatch and they’ve just came out the sea. But somehow when I use it, I look more like Monica from Friends in the humidity (you know what I mean) than I do Pamela Anderson.

Sorry folks – this one isn’t for me.

Music: Frank Ocean – blond


My main man is back! And about bloody time, too.

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’re not entirely sure who Frankie boy is, he was once upon a time part of OFWGKTA (of Tyler The Creator fame). He started bringing out his own, softer stuff, which in all honesty I preferred to all the Odd Future noise.

His voice is like melted chocolate, and it’s so, so soothing to the ears. His previous albums, Nostalgia Ultra and Channel Orange, were released to critical acclaim and were probably one of the best albums of the years they were released.

And, after all that success, we all waited patiently with baited breath for his next release.

And we waited.

And we waited.

There were promises of release dates, with nothing coming to light. We were then treated to a live stream of him doing some carpentry in a workshop, to which nobody had the foggiest as to what it all meant – was it coming?! Finally, were we going to get some new Frank tracks?!??!

And then – it arrived. blond came in like a steam roller and blew all the expectations we all had about him out the water.

I first listened to it during Annie Mac’s album listening party, and a couple of the tracks instantly blew me away (mostly Pink + White and Self Control). It also features a track that’s solely a voicemail from his mum telling him not to do weed or get in car with someone who is drunk. Brilliant.

Go check it out on Spotify or Apple Music – it’s honestly worth a listen.

Life: it’s all a bit hectic

I thought with it coming to the end of summer that everything would start settling down until the Christmas party season came into full swing.


I have every weekend planned out until the middle of November, I’ve got blog post ideas coming out of my ears that I want to work on now, I have my whole week planned out by Monday and I’m starting to have to ‘squeeze’ people in as to when I can see them. I’ve just started a new digital marketing course, and I’ve just gained a new housemate.

How is this all happening?! And what do you mean it’s only 100 days until Christmas?!?!?

Jeez. It’s a crazy, exciting and mental time but if you’re feeling the same, I urge you to just say no to stuff sometimes and make some time for yourself every once in a while. There is almost nothing that a face mask, a cup of tea and an episode of Suits can’t fix (anyone else fancy Harvey Spector?).

So – that’s my crazy week! How has yours been? What have you been up to?


I’m currently sat writing this surrounded by a mountain of snotty tissues, a mouth so dry thanks to not being able to breath through my nose that it gives the Sahara a run for its money, and a banging headache caused due to the amount of times I’ve sneezed today.

Attractive, I know. Form an orderly queue, please.

So, as I’m feeling ridiculously sorry for myself for having a case of the ol’ sniffles, I thought I’d make myself feel better by going through my list of places that I’ve always wanted to go to and sharing them with you all so you can buy me a holiday.

Big Sur, California

A photo by Caleb Jones.

I feel like my heart belongs somewhere in Cali. Everything from the glitz and glamour of LA, to the childhood fantasy of visiting the state’s Disneyland, to surfing some of the barrel waves on the west coast, I’ve always, always dreamed of going there. I think next year is definitely going to be the time that I take the plunge and head across – especially after reading Helen’s post about Trek America. Those pictures ?

I’ve chosen Big Sur out of all the wonderful places because I think it encapsulates what California is all about. Long, winding roads that are designed to be driven with the rooftop down and your favourite album blasting out, and picturesque views over the Pacific Ocean; the ones that make you stop and re-evaluate everything in your life while listening to the waves breaking and crashing against the rocks below you.

And, it’s got the Bixby Bridge to have a gander at. Anybody else out there find bridges as fascinating as I do? No? *tumbleweed*…

Santorini, Greece


We’ve all watched Mamma Mia, and we’ve all hoped that Dominic Cooper will swoop us up from the knees and marry us on the sandy beaches. Unfortunately, the only thing I’ll be getting on a Greek beach is outrageously sunburnt, but if it’s set against the backdrop of this beautiful place, I’ll take it.

Just have a quick Google and take in all the glorious whites and blues, close your eyes and imagine the warm sun set against your face.

(As soon as I typed that, a pneumatic drill starting going off outside. Nice bump back to reality, eh?)

Lisbon, Portgual


I’m lucky enough to be going to Lisbon in a few weeks and I could not be more excited. I’ve never been to Portgual before, but Portuguese food is one of my favourites so I’m desperate to try a salted cod from the place where it originated.

I’ve already bought a guide book (?) and the places described in it sound absolutely amazing. Lisbon is basically made up of seven hills, and within those it’s got all the things you can expect from a rambling European city; great architecture, great food and great people.

If you know of anywhere that I need to visit, let ya gal know (hint: I’m all about that brunch life).

Florence, Italy


I don’t think I need to give any more than one reason as to why I want to visit Florence: pizza.

I’m dribbling just thinking about it.

Copenhagen, Denmark


I’m very aware that nearly all of these cities that I’m listing are Europe-centric, but bear with me. I think we’ve got some of the best cities right here on our doorstep, and (sometimes) they’re so cheap to get to that it’d be a crime to not go explore them.

Copenhagen is somewhere that keeps popping up across blogs and social media, and I feel like it’s somewhere that’s going to get more and more popular over the next few years. It’s still got enough of it’s olde-world charm to it that it still feels like an authentic Danish city, but not so much so that there’s nothing to do there except mix in with the locals.

And, plus – if it’s good enough for Carrie from Wish Wish Wish to go, then it’s good enough for me.

Vancouver, Canada


Going back across the pond to another one of the countries on my checklist that I’m so desperate to visit – Canada.

I’ve no idea the difference between all the major cities like Ontario, Vancouver, Toronto etc, but with Vancouver being on the coast, I feel like you’d get a little bit of everything.

You’d still be able to kayak on the lakes or take a boat ride out to try and catch sight of some whales, but the city will still be alive enough to be able to hang out on a Saturday night without having to be home and in your jammies before 10pm. I’ve just done a quick ‘things to do in Vancouver’ search and one of the first results was a science museum, which is something I’m all about.

Do you know what else Canada is also good for? Ryan Gosling. Enough said.

Stockholm, Sweden


Sweden is apparently one of the best places of the world to live, which might seem a little bit mental if you’ve spent any longer than half an hour in an IKEA.

However, the home of the Swedish meatballs seems like it’s got a lot going for it lately, and some of the people I’ve spoken to who have visited the place have all said that they wish they’d have spent more time there. It seems like a pretty chill place to go, with some of the best architecture and fancy hotels to boot.

I mean, I think I’d feel like I was an extra in ‘It’s A Small World’ as I walk around it, but I’m sure it’s nothing like the Disney animation.

Auckland, New Zealand


I’m not one for a long haul travel – shout out to that panic attack I had on a flight back from Florida once – but New Zealand is a place that I think I’d get over my dislike of flying for. The city seems so vibrant, and I know a few people who live out there who wouldn’t think twice about staying there for the foreseeable future.

It seems like there’s so much to do there too, seeing as it encompasses such a vast area. I’ve just taken a look at the Auckland Zoo website and they have elephants, cheetahs, zebras and orangutans – I’m pretty much sold.

Reykjavik, Iceland


I cannot tell you the amount of times me and my friends have said ‘Iceland next year?!?!’ to which we all enthusiastically reply back with a ‘yeah I’m deffo up for that!!’ – and then nothing ever gets planned.

Despite that, Iceland is still at the top of my list as places to get to. Everything from the thermal spas to the prospect of staying in an igloo just seems so, so cool and exciting.

I’m also still not convinced that the Northern Lights are real and that all the photos are just somebody’s great Photoshop efforts, so I need to see them for myself.

Tokyo, Japan


Last, but certainly not least – Tokyo.

Being a self-confessed tech and gadget nerd, I think I’d be running around like a kid in a candy shop with all the weird and wonderful stuff they have over there. Cupcake vending machine? No problem. Robots serving you dinner? As if you’d have anything else. Want to go to a Pokemon mega-store where you can spend your salary on tat that you’ll never ever use or look at ever again? Japan welcomes you with open arms.

The only thing that puts me off is just how busy it is – this photo alone is enough to give me heart palpitations – and the thought of being in a city where I don’t speak (or can’t even read) a word of the language terrifies me.

Despite all that though, the zoo in Tokyo has two giant pandas. Book me a flight ASAP.

So, those are my top 10 places that I’d love to go to when I’m not applying moisturiser to my poor, chapped nose. Where would you want to go? Is there anywhere I’ve left off my list?

(All photos from this post have been sourced from Unsplash)


Good evening! So, I *know* that these posts normally go up on a Sunday night, but because I’ve been off work since Wednesday, today feels like my Sunday evening. I’ve got a whole host of pamper and prep ahead of me tonight which I absolutely cannot wait for – remember when you’d make loads of effort for your first day back at school?! It kinda feels like that.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time off and got so much ticked off my to-do list. Just little things, like the ironing / cleaning up the garden / general domestic chores that get put off for weeks and weeks because there’s a new episode of Made in Chelsea to watch.

Oh, and my boiler broke for the 234203948th time this year, so I had no hot water for 2 days.

God, being an adult is boring.

Anyway – here’s what I’ve enjoyed over the last few days.

Music: The 1975 – I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

Let’s skip over the fact that I’m listening to McFly’s second album and singing my heart out to every single word, and pretend that I’ve listened to cooler albums like Shura and Lapsley all week.

I’ve also revisited The 1975’s second album, and by golly it’s a right good’un, isn’t it?! It sounds so different to their first, I think, and it definitely feels like they’re going in a more ‘edgy’ (am I still young enough to be allowed to say that?) direction.

Also – did you know that Matty, the lead singer, is Denise Welch‘s son?! That blew my mind.

Beauty: NYX Doll Eye waterproof mascara

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Ever since Boots announced that they were going to have NYX in their stores, my heart has been doing little flips. NYX is always a brand I’ve wanted to try, but seeing as the extent of our make up brands are fairly limited in Jersey, it took me a while to get my grubby little paws on some of their products.

So, when I walked past the glossy black stand stood proudly in the middle of the shop floor, I thought it was only right that I picked up a few bits and bobs. I got their contour brush (which gets a use pretty much every day), an eyeliner (which I haven’t tried yet), and this little bad boy.

The wand is perfectly shaped so that it gets every lash, including the tiny ones on the bottom lid, and the formula of the mascara is so lightweight that it hardly ever clumps whenever I use it. The waterproof claim is also true – it takes ages to get this off, even when using a fairly strong cleanser.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that I get absolute Jessica Rabbit doll eyes when I do use it (soz NYX), but it definitely does do a good job of making sure that my mid-week work face isn’t completely awful.

Life: I’ve gone veggie!

I love animals. I’ve always wanted to be a vet, but my soppiness and the fact that I cry (or at least well up at something) nearly every day, put that dream to bed fairly quickly.

I’ve also wanted to go veggie for a while but my love for chicken wraps and spaghetti bolognese had put me off taking the leap. However, after accidentally coming across a PETA video (I thought it was one of those ‘Tasty’ videos with a nice recipe for a chicken dinner. Don’t ask), I thought it was only time. Also, coincidentally, the roast chicken salad I’d ordered for lunch that day actually came without the chicken. It was as though it was a sign from the vegetarian gods. Fate.

So, I’m now in my 13th day of being meat free and I must admit, I haven’t missed it all that much. I’ve still had my spaghetti bolognese (albeit with Quorn mince), and I’ve got some Quorn chicken in the fridge for a stir fry later, so there are some alternatives that taste exactly the same.

The only time that I found I’ve struggled, so far, is when I’ve been hungover and I’m craving a cheeseburger and a sausage roll. Other than that – I can definitely see myself being meat-free for life!

Home: new additions to the house

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One of my favourite places in the entire world is a garden centre. Am I 80 years old? I’m not too sure, but I’ve spent far too many Saturdays wandering round all the plants, housewares and pet stuff to be anywhere close to doing what a normal 25 year old should be doing with her weekend.

A local centre, Ransoms, has some of the *nicest* trinkets for a house and is definitely all over that minimalist copper, grey and white theme that we all love so much. I mean, look at that photo. Do you not want your entire lounge to be filled with that?! Jesus. I wish I could get their visual merchandisers to come decorate my house for me.

I always try and buy a couple of things for the house each month (soz credit card), and this month I bought a funky little Buddha candle-holder-statue thing, and a lantern for the fireplace. Nice, huh!?

Travel: I went to St Malo

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If you’re from Jersey, you’ll know what a trip to St Malo entails, so you can skip this part.

If you’re not from round these parts, St Malo is basically a small French town that’s an hour away from where I live by boat. It’s got all the classic French small town features; cobbled streets, caricaturists on every corner, and waiters in breton striped tees with berets.

10 of us went for a day trip on Sunday to celebrate a birthday, the fact that some friends of friends that were visiting, and to just have a general bank holiday knees up. It’s safe to say I drank my weight in ‘gin aux lemon’ (I think that’s what gin and lemonade is in French anyway), and ate my weight in scrummy food.

Sometimes it’s nice to get off this little island and realise that there is something else beyond these 45 miles.

And that’s it! It’s been a bit of a busy week in all honesty, but now it’s time to put a face mask on, watch a couple of episodes of Friends and get an early night before it’s back to reality tomorrow.

How was your week? What did you get up to?


Ahh, Sunday. You fickle little friend you. Half of you is spent lazing around, drinking tea and watching repeat episodes of Friends. The other half is spent in a slump wondering how on earth the last 48 hours have gone so quickly and what do you mean it’s Monday tomorrow?!

To ease you into next week, I thought I’d share with you 5 things that I’ve really, really enjoyed over the last 7 days.

MUSIC: Lianne La Havas – Say A Little Prayer

I am *obsessed* with Lianne La Havas. For those of you whose ears haven’t been blessed by her, she’s an incredible singer songwriter with a voice that is just like melted chocolate. This little video is a recording of her at some festival (one in Belgium, I think) where she did a cover of Say A Little Prayer.

It’s wonderful. Also – not gonna lie – I had a lump in my throat after watching it. Incredible *sigh*.

LIFE: a cat’s 1st birthday party

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So it seems that I’m not the only crazy cat lady of my friendship group (thank God). My friend’s little monster, Freddy, celebrated his first birthday this week so we got invited round to wear cat masks, eat cupcakes with his face on and stuff ourselves with tea, sweets and crisps. All while watching Ex On The Beach, Big Brother and The Hills.

Friday nights with your gal pals are so good for the soul, aren’t they?

BEAUTY: Soap and Glory make up remover

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Ever since I ran out of my beloved Sephora waterproof eye make up remover (I’m still mourning the loss of that one), I’ve been on the hunt for something that will get rid of my make up quickly and easily when I’m doing my bedtime routine. I’m forever falling at the mercy of face wipes (I know, shock horror, please don’t close my blog just yet), just because of the convenience of them.

However – when this lil guy entered my life, there’s now not a chance that I’m gonna reach for the face wipes in Boots again. This bottle is full of a make up remover that smells lovely (think if a spa had lit a couple of watermelon scented candles), removes my waterproof mascara with a couple of wipes of a cotton pad, and is also relatively inexpensive.

It’s £8 and I got it from Boots (but you can obvs get it elsewhere too). A definite recommendation!

HOME: white roses

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I loooove having fresh flowers around the house, and it also makes me feel like I’m Kim Kardashian for some reason. I can imagine that she has loads of white roses hanging round her house all the time and so therefore it’s clearly okay for me to have some too.

I got these and the dainty white ones (I have absolutely no idea what they’re really called, sorry) from Marks and Sparks for about £6 or £7. They’ve also lasted me bloody ages – I bought them a week ago and look how much they’re still blooming!

TRAVEL: Barcelona is booked!


Okay so this didn’t technically happen this week but seeing as this is my first weekly favourites then I’m allowed, okay? So, me and 3 other gal pals are going for a long weekend (Friday to Tuesday) to explore this beautiful city. I’ve never been, but every time I mention to someone that I’m going, they all pretty much clutch their hands at their heart, take a big sigh and exclaim ‘Oh, I LOVE Barcelona!!!!!’. It’s fair that’s made me get preeeeetty excited.

We’re only going to be there for a few days, but do you have any recommendations for us? Think anything from fancy bars where we can pretend we’re in a Made In Chelsea special, right down to the best place to get a veggie burger at 3am after painting the town red. We’re going in the middle of October so nothing too weather dependent!

So – they’ve been my favourites. What have been yours this week?