We’ve all been there. Trundling wearily round the shops, searching and searching for that perfect present – one that’ll make your beloved put down their glass of prosecco that’s been surgically attached to their arm on Christmas Day and exhale a ‘wow’ in astonishment.

If you’re friend / boyfriend / girlfriend / parent of a blogger, you’ll know that we lust over stuff a lot. As in, every spare free moment of time we have is spent reading other blogger’s favourites for that month, their new beauty obsession and omg have you seen this new range of Primark homewear because ya gal just gotta have some twinkly stuff around y’know?

So, for those of you who are struggling as to what to get a blogger for Christmas – here’s a little gift guide that might help you out…

PS – this is meant to be a little tongue in cheek..

Something cactus related 

Bloggers go MAD for the little green guys, which is why a trip to your local B&Q or garden centre is a must do over the next couple of weeks.

They’re indestructible (although I once killed a cactus, so they can’t be that easy to look after), and they look pretty cushty in an IKEA pot against a white background.

Or – why don’t you go for something a little bit quirky and get a Plantosaurus from Firebox?

Bits to make a home ‘hygge’

Ah – that buzzword of the last few months.

If you’re not entirely sure what ‘hygge’ is, it’s basically a Danish concept (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’. I know. I think it’s silly too) that is the equivalent of our ‘cosiness’. It’s all about blankets, warmth, hot chocolates, slipper socks, greys / pinks / whites, and just general comfiness.

It’s taken the blog world by storm, so a few things under the Christmas tree, like a nice cushion, a couple of candles, a thick blanket, to make a house feel all nice and cosy will be a perfect idea.

You can always take a leaf out of this book here to read up on all things hygge.

Also – if you’re completely not buying into the ‘marketing concept’ of hygge – this article from the Daily Mash will be right up your street.

LED selfie light

A blogger loves a selfie, and also a selfie Snapchat or two, but what good is it in these dark and dreary winter months if nobody can see our pretty little faces?

Step in – the LED selfie light.

This smart contraption that has everyone from Kim K to my best friend VR raving about them, simply attaches to your phone and acts as a ring light that those profesh models have when in front of a world class photographer.

Obviously, buying this is going to make you look like Kendal Jenner, right..??

Copper kitchenware

All good bloggers have something copper in every room, and the kitchen should be no exception.

I’m personally a little bit over the whole copper thing, but these plates would noooot go a miss in my cupboard.

Marble vinyl paper

Okay. I admit. I bought a roll of this.

Remember sticky back plastic that you used to get in school to cover your workbooks? This is essentially the millenial version of that, where you can cover absolutely anything you want to in that god damn lovely marble finish.

I got this for a table that I want to spruce up (and may or may not want to cover up a mark on the top where I’ve used nail varnish remover), but in all honesty I’m holding off doing it because I don’t want to mess it up and do it wrong and it’ll annoy me forever. Does anyone else get that?

Anyway – if you want to cover every surface imaginable with marble, you can do so here.

Smartphone compatible gloves

It’s *such* a first world problem, but there’s nothing worse than your little didgets getting cold when you have to pull out your smartphone when you’re in outside in the middle of the snow.

Enter, the best invention of the 21st Century – smartphone gloves.

These little badboys will make sure that you can use your smartphone no matter what the weather. Brilliant.

‘Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up Online’

I started reading this book on the 23490823948234 number of trains I had to take when I was over in the UK a couple of weeks ago, and it made me laugh so much that I sometimes did have random outbursts and had to give looks of apologies to the other train riders.


If you’re in your mid-twenties and grew up online, this book will resonate with you so much. I’ve only read the first couple of chapters so far, but everything that Emma Gannon has written so far has got me nodding my head and reminiscing in my own memories.

Get it here.

Fake plants

Because every single one of the plants that I have dotted around the living room (save for the cactus that seems to be thriving), is dead.

For the love of god, stop spending money in your local garden centre and just invest in some fake plants. They look the exact same and won’t have you berating yourself every time you look at them.

And, also – they make for a great addition to any Insta flat-lay.

So – there you have it. My guide for what to get a blogger this Christmas.

Is there anything else you’d add to the list? What would you want to get from Santa this year?