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This week’s favourites: August 15th to 21st 2016

Ahh, Sunday. You fickle little friend you. Half of you is spent lazing around, drinking tea and watching repeat episodes of Friends. The other half is spent in a slump wondering how on earth the last 48 hours have gone so quickly and what do you mean it’s Monday tomorrow?!

To ease you into next week, I thought I’d share with you 5 things that I’ve really, really enjoyed over the last 7 days.

MUSIC: Lianne La Havas – Say A Little Prayer

I am *obsessed* with Lianne La Havas. For those of you whose ears haven’t been blessed by her, she’s an incredible singer songwriter with a voice that is just like melted chocolate. This little video is a recording of her at some festival (one in Belgium, I think) where she did a cover of Say A Little Prayer.

It’s wonderful. Also – not gonna lie – I had a lump in my throat after watching it. Incredible *sigh*.

LIFE: a cat’s 1st birthday party

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So it seems that I’m not the only crazy cat lady of my friendship group (thank God). My friend’s little monster, Freddy, celebrated his first birthday this week so we got invited round to wear cat masks, eat cupcakes with his face on and stuff ourselves with tea, sweets and crisps. All while watching Ex On The Beach, Big Brother and The Hills.

Friday nights with your gal pals are so good for the soul, aren’t they?

BEAUTY: Soap and Glory make up remover

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Ever since I ran out of my beloved Sephora waterproof eye make up remover (I’m still mourning the loss of that one), I’ve been on the hunt for something that will get rid of my make up quickly and easily when I’m doing my bedtime routine. I’m forever falling at the mercy of face wipes (I know, shock horror, please don’t close my blog just yet), just because of the convenience of them.

However – when this lil guy entered my life, there’s now not a chance that I’m gonna reach for the face wipes in Boots again. This bottle is full of a make up remover that smells lovely (think if a spa had lit a couple of watermelon scented candles), removes my waterproof mascara with a couple of wipes of a cotton pad, and is also relatively inexpensive.

It’s £8 and I got it from Boots (but you can obvs get it elsewhere too). A definite recommendation!

HOME: white roses

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I loooove having fresh flowers around the house, and it also makes me feel like I’m Kim Kardashian for some reason. I can imagine that she has loads of white roses hanging round her house all the time and so therefore it’s clearly okay for me to have some too.

I got these and the dainty white ones (I have absolutely no idea what they’re really called, sorry) from Marks and Sparks for about £6 or £7. They’ve also lasted me bloody ages – I bought them a week ago and look how much they’re still blooming!

TRAVEL: Barcelona is booked!


Okay so this didn’t technically happen this week but seeing as this is my first weekly favourites then I’m allowed, okay? So, me and 3 other gal pals are going for a long weekend (Friday to Tuesday) to explore this beautiful city. I’ve never been, but every time I mention to someone that I’m going, they all pretty much clutch their hands at their heart, take a big sigh and exclaim ‘Oh, I LOVE Barcelona!!!!!’. It’s fair that’s made me get preeeeetty excited.

We’re only going to be there for a few days, but do you have any recommendations for us? Think anything from fancy bars where we can pretend we’re in a Made In Chelsea special, right down to the best place to get a veggie burger at 3am after painting the town red. We’re going in the middle of October so nothing too weather dependent!

So – they’ve been my favourites. What have been yours this week?

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